SillyWalks for Hunger Aims to Make the Universal CityWalk a Monty Python Scene

citywalk.jpgOn Thursday, November 19th, Jon Lovitz and his comedy club, Rich & Tone Productions, and Web startup MashCast will attempt to break the world’s record for the most silly walks in one place.  The event is held to benefit several world hunger organizations, including Feeding America and the Global FoodBanking Network for the holidays.

The event will be broadcast worldwide through the MashCast website, choreographed by Rich & Tone Productions, and will feature comedian Jon Lovitz and a crowd of helpful silly walkers.

The event is both for charity and to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Monty Python.  The silly walks will be from one of Python’s most-loved sketches, The Ministry of Silly Walks.  The money raised is hoped to be enough to provide a million meals for families in the U.S.

MashCast is an online video streaming and collaborative social network and its CEO, Scott Page, says the event will ìinstantly call people to action with technologies like IM, texting, and especially Twitter, we will be able to reach millions of people all over the world…î

A further link comes from MashCast’s early beta client: Monty Python (  The troupe uses the collaborative nature of MashCast to create custom content for their website.

SillyWalks for Hunger will take place on the  Universal CityWalk, centered on the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, but will range the street as participants.. well, walk funny.  All in the name of charity and all broadcast live, online.

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