Signature Confirm – A New Website Offering Faster Signing Of Contracts

Signature ConfirmAnyone who works online and has the need to sign a contract (or requires one to be signed by someone else) before work can commence on a particular project, will often find it difficult to get it done quickly.

Normally it means faxing the contract back and forth or sending it via snail mail.  But Signature Confirm is a new service which makes it possible to do all this in a secure way via email.  This means everyone can sign the necessary documents and then get on with the work as soon as is practically possible.

Unique codes are created for each person who will be receiving the contract.  Once the code is received and used they can sign it over the internet and the work is done.  The whole process is also tracked online by Signature Confirm, so if you are the one who has issued the contract you will always be able to see what is happening and when.  If you sign a contract in this way you will also be able to check the contract by returning to the site to view it securely whenever you want to.

This is an excellent addition to the field for anyone who has the need to sign or issue contracts.  This is especially the case if you happen to be working for or with someone who is in a different country from you.  Time differences notwithstanding, this service strikes just the right balance for everyone.

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