Shuttur – a New Image Sharing Community

Shuttur is a brand new image sharing service with a community bent.  Images are uploaded by anyone in the community (member of the site) and categorized into one of several popular categories of image type.  From there, members of Shuttur can vote for the photos, giving them ranking by number of votes.

Of course, all photos can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, since this is the very basis of sites like this.  One look at the Funny category will convince you to spend some time on this site and probably hit “share” more than once..

Like most photo sharing sites, Shuttur is all about community.  The more active users there are, the more photos there are.  Currently, there seems to be a pretty good number of users for this new site, as photos update pretty fast.  Some categories have little or nothing in them, but popular ones like Funny and Landscapes are nicely populated.

The site is very new, but well-made and seems to serve quickly (an important point for photo sharing).  Definitely worth a look, anyway, and a great up-and-comer in this category of social sharing.

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