ShowMeWhatsWrong – Diagnosis For the Rest of Us

Even computer “experts” aren’t always as savvy as they’d like to think.  When your computer starts acting funny or when something fails to work or stops working altogether, you might find yourself scratching your head.  Worse, you might find yourself inventing creative new vocabulary and pulling your hair.

What’s worse than that?  When someone who knows nearly nothing about computers calls you to tell you there’s something wrong.  Now you know what your auto mechanic goes through.

“It sort of clunks and hten makes a ‘whzeewww, zhweeeee’ sound, and then just sits there.”

“Is it on?”

“The little green light is blinking.  Is that good?  Listen!  It just did that ‘whuzaaaaa’ thing again.”

“Dr. Bob, aren’t you a surgeon?”

“What does that have to do with my computer?”

“I need a drink.” can help you better understand the problem.  All you do is put in your name and your friend’s email address and Dr. Bob will get an email with a hyperlink embedded.  Clicking that link, he’ll get a screen asking for his name and a button that says “Record.”

The good doctor then repeats the steps for whatever it is he’s doing that gives him trouble and his screen is recorded throughout.  When he clicks “Stop,” it stops and sends you the video link.  You can then watch what he’s been doing and inform Dr. Bob that he should be left-clicking rather than right-clicking and isn’t it about time he upgraded from Windows 98?

The creators of ShowMeWhatsWrong are the same guys who made Sreencast-O-Matic, which explains the technology at work here.

It’s a very cool, useful, and simple tool.  It’s also free to use.  I see a lot of headaches being cured with this one.

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