ShopSquad – Giving Advice Live Over the Internet

ShopSquadIn these days where social media seems to pervade every area of our lives, it only seems natural that we should begin to seek live advice before we make certain types of purchases.

Indeed this is the latest development in the social commerce sector, where a new website called ShopSquad has set up its place online. The idea is that you can get advice about a particular product or purchase before you actually go ahead and buy it. You do so by asking for advice and seeing whether anyone on the site can help you out.

The difference with ShopSquad is that you are able to talk with someone live – an advisor – by using a webcam. They will answer your questions and hopefully give you the information you need. Alternatively you are able to leave questions for someone to answer if the expert you need is not online.

On the part of the advisors there is money to be made by recommending things you know a lot about. It is possible to earn commissions on any sales made by people you have interacted with on the site, so there is a good potential for a good outcome here by both buyers and advisers.

ShopSquad is currently in alpha mode so there will probably be tweaks and changes to the site over time as it beds down. But it certainly has a new and interesting take on the social commerce angle, and it could be a big hit.

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