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Shareyourbrain is a brainstormng platform for collaborative idea generation. It hopes to become a gathering point for those who wish to find fresh perspectives on an idea or ideas towards creating new ones in any industry.

The idea is to post a brainstorm, forum-style, or a question (such as “What would make a great video game plot?”) and see what others have to input into it. Those who participate in the brainstorming are rewarded Idea Points which can be used to redeem prizes or money.

While the idea is sound, the site is basically a dot com startup whose funding is entirely through venture capital. No information (that I could find) details where the money will come from other than the ambiguous “advertising” these startups usually point to as revenue sources. Another question of patents and copyrights is also basically unanswered, which probably means that ideas will be owned by whoever applies for the legal backing first.

There are plenty of categories and the site itself is easy to use and pretty intuitive. It’s a great idea and the posts and commentary are fun to read and give a great perspective on current technologies and developments.

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