Share Your Desk On Deskography

Deskography is simple and unique, but very limited in its appeal. There are many sites similar to it, but catering to different niches: pet owners, muscle car enthusiasts, classic car fiends, and so forth. This one caters to those who want to show off pictures of their desks. Yep. Your workplace, your “computer and paper holder,” your desk.

Going through the site, I was struck by two things: how simple this concept is and how many clean freaks there are out there. Really. This idea is so simple, it might actually catch on. Sure, it seems stupid at first thought and it’s not exactly something to get you excited. But if you’re like me and you spend eight, ten, or twelve hours a day at your desk, you might start to wonder how other people spend their time at their desks. Viola! Deskography shows you.

I don’t think the site is going to become another MySpace or Facebook or anything, but I do think there are some people who will find it fun. Especially if Deskography manages to get some big-wigs like Gates or Oprah or Buffet to show off their workspace.

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