Sendible for Scheduling Social Network, Email, and TXT Messages

sendible.pngSocial networking is now the king of Web media and it’s the way that most of today’s Internet users communicate and interact. Facebook, Twitter, and others are how we now describe our online experience. With this comes apps to interact with those various social networks in an attempt to combine them into single-interface convenience.

Desktop apps like Seesmic, mobile apps like TweetDeck, and Web-based apps like FriendFeed look to combine the experience of social networking and make the interaction more integrated and easier to use. The problem here is that no one solution is perfect for everyone. While I use Seesmic to access Twitter, Facebook, etc. from my desktop, for instance, I find it annoying that it can’t schedule messages to all of them through it and have to visit a separate Web app for that.

That’s how enters the scene. The app is Web-based and currently supports Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, SMS/txt messaging, and most Web-based email like Gmail and Yahoo. It also supports Blogger, Friendster…you get the idea. It’s currently in beta and going strong, having been online for better than a year now.

From Sendible, you can enter a message to be sent, choose recipients from various networks/email you’ve integrated, and send. You can schedule messages to go out later, send generics to your Facebook or Twitter feed, and more.

The interface is pretty good and is getting more intuitive with user feedback. When I first encountered this app several months ago, it was definitely much more annoying to try to use. A lot of work seems to have gone into that–and all for the better.

Other little bonuses include reminders, where you can schedule reminders to be SMS or emailed to you so you remember things, including imports from your Facebook friends’ birthdays calendar. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of your reminders and scheduled messages so you can more easily keep track of them without having to log into the app every time to check.

There are several subscription options for Sendible. The free version allows up to 100 messages per month and some will have advertising attached. Subscriptions to eliminate advertising start at only $3/month, though, so the service isn’t exactly a bank breaker. Sendible is well worth trying out as it may be the solution the busy networker needs.

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