Seesmic Desktop Integrates Twitter, Facebook, and More

seesmic-logoMost Twitter users are familiar with TweetDeck. For a lot of Twitter users, this was—and still is—the app of choice for power tweeting. A new rival might change that, though, and is gaining users quickly.

The new rival is Seesmic Desktop, which integrates with Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites just as TweetDeck does. The difference is two-fold: Seesmic integrates on a two-way street, so Facebook doesn’t just get updated when you try to post there, but updates from Facebook can also be streamed into your Seesmic Desktop. The other difference is in the app itself. Seesmic is a desktop application, not a browser-based app.

Comparing the two side-by-side shows that Seesmic is definitely the stronger app. It integrates with a few more sites and ads the functionality of multiple accounts as well. That’s important to some, especially tweeters who use separate accounts for personal, work, or as an alternative RSS feed for blogs. Seesmic integrates multiple accounts extremely well. It does so with Facebook and most of the other sites it supports too.

The innovative layout that Seesmic uses makes multiple accounts, streams, and social sites easy to track and keeps your multiple accounts separate and easy to control. It also does things like create conversation threads (something really needed in Twitter) and even match your friends’ accounts across sites. So someone who leaves a comment on FriendFeed (and has the same username) will be matched with a reply on Twitter.

The biggest down side to Seesmic Desktop is that it’s a downloaded, installed application. This means it’s computer-specific, so you can’t take it on the go or use it on a smart phone. In fact, TweetDeck’s largest edge over Seesmic is its iPhone app.

That said, though, some users might find the better Facebook integration and support of multiple accounts a good reason to prefer Seesmic Desktop.

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