Seekyt – A New Social Media Site To Earn Money From

There are already hundreds of social media websites to choose from, but if you fancy trying to earn money from being a member of one of them, you should opt for Seekyt.

Pronounced as ‘seek it’, this website is fairly new but aims to enable its users to share all kinds of content with each other. It describes itself as a social sharing website, and is primarily designed to let users get 65% of the Google Adsense impressions that are shown alongside their work.

This means that for 65% of the time each user has the chance to earn money when someone views their work and clicks on the ads that appear alongside it. There is also a referral program that people can use to refer others to the site.

In addition to this you can look at specific categories on the site that are provided along the top of the web pages. One of these is for entries about products. This gives users an opportunity to find new products online that are promoted by other users. Conversely it also permits users to promote their own products, giving Seekyt a different spin on some other social media sites which frown on this kind of thing.

It is early days for Seekyt and only time will tell whether it has enough staying power to hang around. But it will certainly be intriguing to find out the answer.

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