Web Ads

Web Ads

Web ads are mostly processed in the places like New York City and San Francisco. But it also extends in the places like Costa Rica and Bulgaria.

According to us companies and us ad executives, digital-production work is an increasingly vibrant and mandatory service. It is a main source for good revenue which leads them to sophisticate. Basically, web site is promoted with ads, emails, search ads, display ads, videos and games. But, to attract more people it may be loaded with variation of colors, text and graphics.

But most ad agencies cannot find enough talent in the US to fill their needs. AvVenta is a digital production company and interacted services. It was started in 2005 by Jay Noce. He is founder, chairman, and CEO of avVenta worldwide. This concern employs more than 400 in the United States, Great Britain, Costa Rica, Kiev, San Jose and the Ukraine. AvVenta does the production work beyond digital ads for General Motors, Microsoft and Bank of America. This company does behind-the-screen production on web ads. AvVenta rates are between 20% and 50% lower than what agencies pay for similar work in the U.S.

This digital production company doesn’t come up with creative ideas behind every advertisements, nor do they polish the ad copy or pick which pictures on graphics go where they simply execute a web side, digital ad or interactive promotion. They don’t have direct relationship with the marketers. AvVenta is planning to expand their interacted services in Asia. The revenue was $91.4 million in 2006, $11.5 million in 2006 and expects revenue of $20 million to $ 22 million in 2008. avventa is best company beyond production work. So, U.S ad agencies wish to maintain relationship directly with the marketers if a company like avVenta tries to insert itself between those two parties.

Big agencies are getting on it, too. For instance, Prodigious worldwide is also a digital production company which is owned by Publicis Groupe. They devoted to overseeing the agency’s offshoring efforts. During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings Public is CEO Maurice Levy stressed that offshoring will be very important to the company’s long term profitability.

Maurice Levy says that “we are not there in terms of large-scale output production. We believe that non only must we learn now as it is still in it’s infancy, and above all ready when-we-when the economies of scale kick in. Additionally, Publicis believe that Prodigious worldwide will be the agencies to all the production work. It is not just like Digitas. It already has a knot with other Publicis firms, including Lea Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Gunner Wilmon is a senor vice president of Interpublic Groups. It is group of McCann world group. He says that “outsourcings are not down the hall, and they are not down the street. It hinders communication”. These agencies work together in creative and production work in order to separate the tasks lead to relearning.

Carmaker General Motors employ with Prodigious to expanding digital-marketing needs faster. He has an intention to have changes in the ads. So, he imposed number of variations which is now better than before. Mike Devereux is executive director of digital marketing in General Motors. He says that, a customer might notice 10 to 15 different ads which are promoted in Chevy Malibu Sedan online. These ads are number of variants which has a change in the background colour to the text highlighting things like the car’s gasoline mile age or horse power.

Additionally, Mr. Devereux says that “It was inefficient. We never would have been able to scale”. It is because GM used to collaborate with various ad agencies and had a different process for producing the ads. Now, GM meets Prodigious in Detroit and the carmaker’s ad agencies to manage the digital production of its online advertising.

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  1. how does one get into this type of job?

  2. how does one get into this type of job?


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