ScrumEdge – Online Collaboration Tool for Scrum Management

Scrum is the latest and most popular way for most product development teams, whether they be building a car or a software application, to build products collaboratively.  It’s an agile process that allows more open management of development work and is designed to have each iteration of the process end with a potentially marketable product, which is then expanded on or spun off in new Scrum iterations.

It’s extremely versatile and has been used by many businesses, especially developers of software and similar products.  Around this heavy use have sprung up Scrum management tools, including

ScrumEdge allows teams, masters, and stakeholders to manage their Scrum lifecycle at both product and sprint levels.  It’s focused on the service industry, including software development, design, or maintenance, where hours are money.  Teams whose primary billing or profit potential are measured by time will find this PM system tailored to their need.

ScrumEdge assumes that you and your team are familiar with Scrum management and most agile project management users will find it worthwhile.  It’s nearest competitor is likely ScrumDesk, which focuses more heavily on the visual aspects of project management (PM) through Scrum.

Development teams that aren’t as visually-oriented will likely find ScrumEdge a better alternative and since it is much less bulky and cumbersome than many PM tools, it will also likely appeal to smaller teams and startups.  As with most Scrum, it is focused on goal-setting and product deliverables, focusing the team from the bottom up on the finished products of their project.

ScrumEdge has a free account trial to get started with and costs $50/user after that.

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