Satechi USB Portable Air Purifier

Like most people, I prefer to breathe clean air, or at least air that smells good. I don’t like scents and sprays that just cover up odors and I definitely don’t like the chemical smell some disinfectants and cleaners leave behind. I use air purifiers in our home and my office. Now I finally found one that I can take with me and plug into my notebook, iPad, the car, or any other outlet capable of powering a USB converter.

This little fan is small and easy to set up. Most of the time it’s just plug and go. It runs from USB power, so the sources are nearly limitless, and it can be set on any table, surface, or small space and, when pointed at you, delivers clean air free of unpleasant odors and dust particles.

The compact purifier smashes down into a small size for easy carrying in a briefcase, laptop bag, or even your suitcase when traveling. Then you simply take it out, pull on it to expand it to its normal size, and plug it in. Alternatively, you can leave it in its compact form if you don’t need the fan to blow air through it.

The entire thing is only about 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches (11cm by 9cm) in size. The filter can be replaced easily as well.

You can find this neat little purifier at Makes a great last-minute gift too!

Disclosure: I was given product to test for this review.

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