Salesforce App First to Appear for Apple Watch

Salesforce App First to Appear for Apple Watch

Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice-President of technology, demonstrated the Apple Watch this week. He moved through a series of innovative apps such as ordering through Uber and checking in to your hotel via the watch. Included in the presentation was a quick peek at an app from Salesforce.

It is the only true enterprise app for the Apple Watch. While showing how it might be best used at work, Lynch showed a graph from Salesforce Wave, an analytics package released last year by Salesforce.

Michael Peachey, VP of solutions and product marketing at Salesforce said he believes enterprise apps could play a key role in the success of the Apple Watch, whether it be interacting with customers, partners or fellow employees.

“I think clearly Apple Watch is going to be a transformational moment in the industry,” he said, adding “Other vendors have tried it, but Apple is really cracking the code.”

While the Apple technology is clearly good, Peachey believes it is the software – and specifically the apps – that will make the difference. Unlike other mobile devices, such as a phone or tablet where customers use the device for minutes at a time, the Apple Watch will be used for seconds at a time and will need to respond to this demand.

There were three products announced with the Apple Watch from Salesforce. First of all, Salesforce Wave provides at-a-glance information that works on a notification basis. Key data rather than detailed analysis Peachey stated. The second is Salesforce1, which provides access to Salesforce’s entire range of information including sales, service, marketing and employee community. Thirdly, there is Salesforce Wear, which is an SDK to help Salesforce customers build applications on the Salesforce platform.

Peachey believes the suite could help businesses to communicate directly with customers through the watch.

Peachey said. “Industry and people will realize, the personal and instant way you get updated on something important. You just get nudged, see just a snippet at the time and take action.”

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