Rumours and an Image Starting to Leak on New 2018 iPhone Models

Despite the almost tribalism that seems to separate Apple technology and iPhone loyalists from the Android and Windows crowd, it has to be admitted that the former generally have an unfaltering sense of loyalty. Android and Windows users are far more likely to switch brands when upgrading or replacing their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

They’ll do some research and will generally quite happily migrate from Samsung to Huawei or HTC or from Lenovo to a Microsoft Surface depending on the qualities of new models, general pricing or to take advantage of an offer. Apple and iPhone users are however, on the whole, a different breed. The latest technology releases in the world of Apple each autumn are eagerly awaited, enthusiastically digested, and while most may not upgrade every year, they do so every two or three.

While there is certainly interest and enthusiasm when other tech companies unveil new products or models, the loyalty of Apple’s following leads to a sense of theatre around the presentation of impending releases unique in the tech world. A significant part of that is down to the secrecy with which the company generally manages to cloak what is being worked upon deep in the Apple R&D and design labs. This year, however, some leaks appear to have sprung.

Last year’s release of the premium £1000 iPhone X marked one the series’ most significant technology updates in years with a raft of new features and design changes introduced. Wireless charging, the latest dual camera technology, facial recognition and a borderless screen were given rave reviews. However, while the model is largely considered to have been a hit and the boundaries-pushing price tag profitable for the company, the latter also limited numbers sold to less than previous iterations.

This year Apple will hope further improvements to the ‘X’ will convince more members of the iPhone tribe to push the boat out and pay the premium. So what rumours and snippets of information on the new 2018 models have leaked?

The new iPhone’s name is likely to be the iPhone Xs, with the ‘s’ having become the standard for new models that are only an incremental upgrade on the previous iteration. Going for iPhone 9 would throw the sequence out of sync, with the X, or 10, having been released a couple of months after the 8 to mark the tenth anniversary of the smartphone series. Those with inside information believe a larger screened variation will go by the title iPhone X Plus.

In terms of design, there isn’t expected to be much change from the iPhone X and the full-screen display will remain but a range of sizes is expected – 6.5 inch, 6.1 inch and 6.1 inch. The models coming in new colours is also expected. A gold-coloured edition was expected of the iPhone X which was planned but never reached full production. A good bet is if there is only one new colour that will be it.

Technology specifications are rumoured to include OLED screens with a 1242 x 2688 resolution and next generation A12 chips.

Price is an unknown question that there are no real ‘leaks’ or strong rumours around. However, it can probably safely assume that the new iPhone model won’t be cheaper. With the iPhone X coming in at between £999 and £1149, the best that could be expected would be a price freeze with the more likely scenario an incremental rise.

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