Rootein – Establishing Daily Habits and Resolutions

There are endless numbers of to-do lists, goal-setting apps, and similar offerings all over the Web.  Sometimes, though, someone rethinks how these are done and something original is created.  That’s where Rootein comes in, its name an obvious play on semantics.

Rootein focuses on making habits out of your daily routines that lead up to goal achievement.  So rather than focusing on the goals themselves, this app focuses on the tasks you need to do everyday in order to achieve those goals.

Let’s consider a real-world example.  If your goal is to publish three blogs a week, one each on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in order to gain a page ranking of 4 with Google and thus pull in $50 weekly in AdSense revenues, then you have a specific set of routine tasks you need to accomplish.

So your Rootein might look like this: Monday morning, a popup tells you to write a blog post for 10am publishing.  The same happens on Wednesday and then on Friday.  Alternatively, you could write all three on Sunday and have the reminder pop up then.  Regardless, you’ll soon be in the habit of writing your blog posts so that they publish on time.

This, in a nutshell, is how Rootein works.  The app focuses on the first three weeks of forming that habit, which are psychologically the average time it requires to establish a new habitual behavior.

Reminders can be sent via email, a pop-up in the app, and even on your mobile.

The site is in beta and free to use.  It is useful and can work if you try it.

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