Ring It Up – Your iPhone is Your Point of Sale, Anywhere

It was only a matter of time before e-commerce met the mobile phone.  While shopping on your mobile has been possible for a long time, processing customer orders as a merchant has not.  At least, up to now.

Ring It Up from Pingysoft is a point of sale (PoS) app that allows merchants to accept payments from anywhere, using their iPhone.  The app includes everything you’d have on a cash register or credit card machine except the cash drawer.

Meant for the business that is on the go, Ring It Up lets you track your sales and send electronic receipts from anywhere you can use your iPhone.  So if you’re a traveling merchandiser, a mobile professional or tradesperson, or anyone who needs on-the-spot credit card and payment processing, then this might be what you’re looking for.

The app can scan bar codes, so you can sell merchandise or scan parts directly and it can send branded, customized electronic receipts via SMS or email.  The processing of credit cards is secure and can be done through any of four popular portals including iMerchant Pro, CCT, iSwipe, or ProcessAway.  You can even track sales for multiple businesses or departments using the app.

When you’re back to home base, you can download the sales data and information to most any accounting application via CSV format.  The app is versatile, quick, and sells for only $40 – that’s sure to be in most people’s budgets.

Pingsoft of a mobile applications development firm that makes popular software such as TCPinger and Ping-a-Majig.  Ring It Up is their first app made for the non-IT professional.

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