ReviewRave Consumer Reviews With Charts

When I first saw ReviewRave, I thought it was a party or concert review site, but soon found out it’s another customer-driven product review site. It’s a comparison shopping portal that’s backed entirely by customer reviews (no professionals). How original.

Users to the site can post products and their reviews of that product. Other users can ad their reviews, building a small database of them for each product. Yep, haven’t seen that before.

The real difference here, though, is the charts the site dynamically generates based on those reviews. Typing in a product name (say “Xbox 360”) will show you a graphical review of that product, based on feedback scores from site users. The front page of the site is a large tag cloud with several product categories inside bubbles whose size are based on number of reviews.

Despite the sit being yet another rendition of customer reviews and views, it’s at least a little more useful for its at-a-glance charts. These dynamic graphics can make it much easier and faster to get a rundown on a product, rather than looking at ambiguous “stars” or “points” and then reading through a dozen reviews written in questionable English.

ReviewRave is worth a try, but I’m still holding out for the “no cell phone text, gangsta writ, readable English only” review site. At least the graphics on this one provide that for now.

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