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returnmypantsAll of us have loaned something to someone and then never seen it again–or even forgotten we had it until that day when they show up on the doorstep to sheepishly return it.  “I was cleaning under the couch and…”  We all lend or borrow things from friends and family, though.  Now you can make sure you get your stuff back. has a funny name, but it gets the point across.  If you’re loaning something out, you can set up an account on the site, register the item, and tell them who you are lending it to.  Tell the site how long the loan is for and you’ll get reminders.  You can also put in your friend’s information so they get friendly reminders too.

The idea is pretty simple and it’s been around for a while.  The difference here is simplicity.  You don’t have to fill out lengthy forms or profiles about who you are to create (yet another) social portal on the Web where your friends can find you and ask for your stuff.

Instead, you can just build a simple profile (name, email) and only put in the items you’re actually lending or actively lending.  These descriptions don’t have to be complicated either.  A simple “Batman Returns DVD,” for example, is good enough.

The service is free to use and the site is simple and fast.  The site has been online since 2008 and there is little information on its founders or who’s behind it.  I can see no way of monetizing the setup either, but the service is free so there’s not much to lose by utilizing it.

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