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Most companies that post “help wanted” signs on the ‘Net use a simple web page with a list of job descriptions and an email or phone number for a human resources contact. While this might work, it’s hardly 21st Century thinking.

Resumator offers a more interactive, robust, and more manageable solution instead. Job positions and descriptions are listed and then followed by an “Apply for Position” box. The code for this requires only one line on your page and from then on, all job listings and requirements can be managed through Resumator without another website update.

Resumator collects resumes for open job positions, keeping each applicant for a job separate from another. An administrative interface then allows your hiring managers to easily look through, sort, and view resumes on a Web browser. Markups and commentary can be attached to resumes as candidates are tracked, discussed, and interviewed in order to keep their status up-to-date without need of printouts and sticky notes.

Job listings can also be disseminated through appropriate job boards around the Internet using Resumator’s recommendation engine. This gains more exposure and thus (possibly) more qualified applicants.

Resumator is an easy, plug and play job board for your site and starts with a 30 day free trial. It’s $59/month after that, but offers management tools that will appeal to any growing company that’s consistently hiring for new positions or freelance help. The collaborative aspects allow multiple hiring managers to each put individual comments and ratings on resumes so all involved in the hiring process can see where the applicant stands.

A good tool for those who need something like this and something that can take a load off your email system and IT department, for sure.  Nicely designed site as well.

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