– Easy, Online Editing is another project from, the makers of ImageTwit which recently sold on sitepoint for $200 to a lucky winner. builds web apps and started with just $100 (ImageTwit was a $75 project). While the cost of this latest project ($78.81) might seem cheap, the site itself is anything but.

Resizem is an online image editor. These are fairly common, but usually very weak. Most Web-based image editors basically limit you to cropping, rotating, and maybe one or two lame filters. If you’re like me, though, once you’ve tried Resizem, you’ll kick yourself for spending $200 on standalone software for image editing.

The site is free to use and loads with a simple Google-esque page asking just for your upload. It accepts photos in JPG, PNG, and GIF format of any not-too-large size. One caveat: be sure the file name is valid, since my screen capture software puts periods (.) and slashes (/) into the file name, I had to rename it before Resizem would accept it.

That aside, the site is great. To test it, I took a screen capture of‘s home page and uploaded that to use as my guinea pig.


This is in PNG format (the default for my browser capture plugin). Resizem took this without a hitch (once I figured out the file naming conventions). After upload, you’re automatically taken to the editing page. Several options are presented, which include (thankfully) Undo/Redo.

A lot of filters like blur, grayscale, and so forth are available. I tried the pencil drawing filter and got this:

vois-pencilfilter1Pretty cool-looking, I think. If you look at the top of the image being edited there, you’ll see the toolbar for Resizem. It’s very simple and straight-forward, no fluff. It loads very quickly because of this, incidentally. Later, you’ll see the popup that’s toggled when you enable the resize options tool.

I tried the invert tool, expecting it to do a simple (and almost always ugly) black-to-white inversion of colors on the screen, giving the page a black background and nastying up the colors to go with it. I was surprised to get a really cool result that actually looks really good:

vois-invertPretty sweet, I think. Then, of course, the cropping and resizing works how you’d expect them to and are very nicely done. The selection box for cropping is hard to see if your image has a white background (as this one does), but is otherwise highly functional. Note that for these captures, I “undid” any changes I made to revert back to the original capture before trying another option.

Overall, Resizem is a great little tool, it’s free to use, and a lot of people will probably find it a fast way to edit some images without loading extra software or when it’s needed on the fly. You can save your work and download the resulting image, of course, defaulting to the format you uploaded it in.

I can see this site saving a lot of time for some of us who use a lot of Google Image downloads or similar for blog posting and often have to crop or manipulate the image in simple ways to make it right. This is a great tool for that. Kudos once again to the guys who created it!

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