Replicon – Timesheet and Expense Management Leader may be the oldest online time management company still in existence.  They are definitely one of the world leaders in timesheets and expense management Software as a Service (SaaS).  The company launched its service in 1996 and has been going strong since.

Currently, Replicon boasts 1.2 million users in 60 countries and has three product offerings that work alone or in tandem.

Web Timesheet: Project & Billing Edition tracks and bills time for projects and has tools centric to that need.  Simple timesheets, real-time reporting, and management tools for monitoring project or task progress and estimated versus real hours/cost.  Billing is also included and can be semi-automated so that a regular tally (weeky, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) for quick submission for payment.

Web Timesheet: Time & Attendance is a pure timesheet or time clock solution for salaried and hourly employees.  It tracks punch ins, outs, breaks, and so forth and make for easy vacation time and sick leave tracking as well.  It integrates with most leading payroll software and allows employees and management to more easily coordinate time and payments.

Web Expense is also a simple solution meant for tracking employee expenses.  Sales staff, management, and others who have out-of-pocket expenses to be reimbursed or who are responsible for corporate credit cards and the like can easily track their expenses using this online tool.

Two other tools, Web Schedule and Web Resource, are plug-ins that allow easier scheduling and resource management when added to either Web TimeSheet tools.

All of these are stand-alone products (excepting Schedule and Resource), but can be seamlessly integrated together in any combination to make a customized and complete solution.

Replicon has gone thorugh many changes, including recent updates, and the September addition of Lakshmi Raj as a co-CEO for the ever-expanding company.

The solution itself is easy to use, very straight-forward, and is considered an industry standard against which all others compete.  Prices start at $4/month for individual accounts and are priced according to usage and total software need.  Using all product at once starts at $27/month for up to 49 users.

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    Timesheet Software are really helpful to business firms and helps for the growth and productivity of business and choosing the right timesheet software management would probably meet the good output you wanted.


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