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You can find apartments on Craigslist and rental cars on Travelocity, but can you find a Wii Fit or a chainsaw?  Probably not.  But you can find those things and more on

Rentalic is a community sharing and rental site that encourages people to share, rent, or trade items with one another rather than buying new stuff you’ll only use once.  The site just launched in beta and allows peopel to list things they want to rent or have available to rent out to others.  It then matches those people and keep track of who has what (and what the total due is) with each item listed.

You can search for items in an area based on ZIP code, finding stuff in your area so you don’t have to ship things or go through those hassles.  This also allows people who’re traveling to find something they need in the area they’re visiting and maybe make a new friend in the process.

Currently, the site has users wanting to rent out everything from snowboards to sleeping bags to DVDs and Nintendo games.  Of course, the more populated the area you are searching in, the more stuff there likely is to rent from people on the site.

The site is free to register with and use and is currently in beta.  Rentalic is based in San Mateo, California and has the tag line of “Rent, Share, Be Green.”

Sadly, my search for “pizza” in the 00605 ZIP came up empty. Maybe in 90210?

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  1. is an online rental marketplace that enables sharing & reuse through person-to-person renting between friends, family, and neighbors. It is an online marketplace where individuals and businesses can rent the stuff they own to each other.

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