Rent the Runway – the Netflix of Fashion

Netflix is, anyway you put it, a successful model for running a business.  It doesn’t just have to apply to movie rentals, however.  The Netflix plan can be applied to just about anything rentable.  Including fashion.

Anyone who’s been in or around the fashion world knows that above all else, it’s fickle.  The $5,000 dress you buy today might be hopelessly out of style next week.  For the budget-conscious, this is a nightmare.  Unless you subscribe to a service like

Still in private beta, the site is accepting applications for membership.  Charges are not monthly, as with Netflix, but are per rental, per day.  Shipping both ways is included as is dry cleaning, though.  Prices range between $50 and $250 per four day rental, so it’s not too bad if you have a need for that extra-special something for the upcoming soiree.

Each dress is delivered in two sizes (the one you specify plus one size up, just to be safe) as well as deodorant wipes and double-sided tape for fitting.  Shipping and pre-paid returns are part of the rental fees.

Shopping on the site is similar to shopping at any quality retail boudoir, with the selection always changing as fashion trends bubble through the sea of couture.

This is definitely a great idea and a good application of the Netflix-style rental plan.

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