Remindo – Collaboration for Business With a Social Bent

This startup is a unique one, but the idea can be summed up like this: it’s Facebook for your company’s intranet, except it’s not on your Intranet.  Make perfect sense?

One part social networking, one part project management, and one part communications tool, Remindo is a Web-based tool for collaboration in an Intranet-style environment. Distributed with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the app is hosted by Remindo, but all communications in your iteration of Remindo are completely separate from others’ apps.

The way it works is relatively simple in its current beta configuration.  Users sign up for a free account (these are limited to 3GB in beta, but are free) using their work email address. Everyone else who signs up using that domain name is automatically connected with everyone else in that domain.

So if everyone here at were to sign up with our email addresses, we’d all be automatically linked in Remindo.

Through Remindo, users can share and collaborate on most common file types, have group project calendars with milestones, and more. Communication is via email, which can be sent through Remindo to the corporate accounts, and real-time collaboration through a Facebook-style chat is also in the works.

Status updates, ala Facebook, are also there so that users can update others on what they’re currently doing, when they’ve gone to lunch, or whatever.  Conversations can be saved in archives for later retrieval and document changes and updates are logged in a time line as well.

The interface is much like Facebook’s, though simplified and aimed at the tool’s uses.Remindo is missing some key features, but it’s a brand new beta app that is sure to grow.

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