REDO Your Hairstyle With Your iPhone

Hair style makeover?  There’s an app for that.

REDO is an iPhone application that lets you use a photo of yourself to try out new hair styles, colors, and more.  While the app probably isn’t going to revolutionize how the high-priced salons and their celebrity clientele do hair, it is fun to play with (even for guys) to try out new or fun ideas without having to actually ruin your hair to do it.

If you are considering something drastic, such as chopping off your waist-length hair to try going short, then REDO is definitely something you should try.  Any stylist will tell you that facial, neck, and body shapes will change how a style will look from one person to the next.  So before you chop off six years’ of growth to go trendy, why not test it on yourself virtually first?  You might save yourself a big mistake.

The app is fun, but does have some drawbacks.  The biggest being its fairly limited men’s styles and the fact that you have to scroll through all of the hairstyles to find the right one.  This can get annoying if you’re just going through a specific type or color preference and having to peck through to get it.

On the up side, though, the app is only 99 cents and works well with any good facial/head shot.  So you don’t necessarily have to mess around with just your own hair.. The app does work best if the person being manipulated is facing forward and relatively squarely to the camera.  The hairstyles can be shrunk or extended and even rotated to fit different sized photos too.

Here’s a short video explaining how the app works:

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  1. i like the software and i want to know if this application is available on there mobile coz i have no iphone and i want to change myhaircut and how i looks..

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