Reddit Merges With Digg

picture-15So far this has to be my favorite April Fools Joke today.  When I went to Reddit today I was greeted with their new name and design REDDIGG!

I nearly fell out of my chair, and for a second I was actually thinking…hmmmm…did they really merge?  Then I remembered, today is the day to try to aimlessly trick people.  So instead of pushing their co-workers down the stairs and laughing while screaming APRIL FOOLS, as they call an ambulance, Reddit took to something more clever.

Here is where it gets good.  They even changed their voting design to mimic DIGG and when you click on the link to vote it says RUDD.


picture-17I must give credit to the Reddit guys for this amusing prank.  It was well thought out, and I am curious to see how many visitors think that Reddit actually merged with Digg today.  Still lauching about the rudd!

Upon further notice, you might realize that redd it is broken up when you vote.  Another clever, well thought out detail!

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