Reckless Racing 2 – More Automotive Mayhem On Your Phone

One of my favorite games, Reckless Racing from Polarbit, just got an upgrade this week, releasing as Reckless Racing 2.  The game sees a huge amount of update with a lot of cool stuff, making this second version a stand-alone game better than the original (which is awesome).

Eighteen new cars have been designed for this one, starting at small dune buggies and working up to ultra-fast supercars.  You can race them along 24 routes that are both paved and dirt (some both).

Arcade Mode is a cool way to play without commitment, taking one of 40 pre-defined challenges for a few minutes.  For the longer term, you can play in Career Mode to start small and earn money with your races to upgrade your vehicle until you finally get to the big leagues.  Finally, in Single Event Mode, you can race in a one-shot run (as a full race, a Hot Lap, or an Elimination event) against your friends on WiFi.

The coolest part are the car customizations you can make.  You can add parts to tune your car to your specific style of play, so if you’re hard on the corners or tend to stand on the pedal, you can adjust the car to respond the way you’d like.

This makes it possible to power slide through corners, romp the accelerator before hitting a bump, commit to hard cornering, and more.

The graphics are awesome, but they really pop if you have an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, taking advantage of the superior graphics they offer to improve shading and add to the 3D effect of the game.

You can even play over the Internet and you have all of your race characters from the original plus more, making 17 in all.

Really awesome game that will have you pumped as you play!

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