Reblogging With WordPress

Wordpress LogoWordPress is by far the best blogging platform to use online today.  Whether you want a free blog from them or simply the platform to host on your own domain (the best option we think) you can utilise all the tools and options they give you.

But WordPress have just added a new one to the mix as well, which is called reblogging.  This enables you to reblog about a particular post on someone else’s blog that you like.  You have to say you like it first by clicking on the link labelled ‘Like’.  Once you’ve done that you can reblog the post by clicking the relevant link.

The good news is that you can add your own comments to whatever blog post you want to reblog.  This gives you some interaction with the reblogging method, so you will find it easy to share different content with your readers that you have found elsewhere.

In addition to this of course there is the opportunity for other people to do the same with your WordPress blog.  This is still a very new feature at present, but you can see how it adds a new level of linking to your blogging – both incoming and outgoing.  As more people become aware of the new reblog feature, it should snowball and become more popular.  We have already seen several websites using it and getting the thumbs up from people who like particular posts, so it adds a new dimension to promoting blogs of all kinds.

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