REaction – Test Your Reaction Speed and Patience

REaction – Test Your Reaction Speed and Patience

Once in a while, a very useless, but fun iPhone app appears and you can’t help but try it out.  This is one of those.  It really has no use.  It’s not quite a game, not quite a competition, definitely not a productivity tool. . it’s just sort of a fun piece of entertainment that you share with your friends.

Reaction pits you against two or five friends (you can’t play solo).  The game begins when each player touches their portion of the screen (all on the same phone).  Then some music plays and, randomly, a flash appears on the screen.  When the flash comes, everyone lets go of the screen (hopefully someone is still holding the phone) and it records the reaction speed of the players.

Then the winner is shown and reaction times are given.

So why is this fun?  Well, honestly, more than a best of three, this app is kind of lame.  There are situations where it’s awesome, though.  Here’s some ideas:

  1. As a drinking game.  Have everyone play and the winner gets a free drink paid for by the loser(s).
  2. As a random way to meet people.  Riding the bus?  Ask someone sitting next to you to play.  Instant friendship!
  3. To test your left-right brain/motor reaction.  Play as two players, but against yourself.  Left hand on one side, right hand on the other.  Which one wins?

There might be other possibilities.  It can be fun, but it’s a little limited, so don’t bring this as your only entertainment on a long road trip..

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