Rat on a Scooter XL – the iPhone Game Whose Name Sells

Just the name on this game, Rat on a Scooter XL, is enough for most (like me) to buy the game for a couple of bucks and play.  Once you have the game, though, there’s no disappointment that it’s all name and no game.  It’s a lot of fun and strangely addicting, for such a simple concept.

Rat on a Scooter XL is basically a side-scrolling game in which you must drive and jump your rat (on his scooter) from platform to platform to collect cheese.  You can’t stop and if you miss a jump.. well, you’re Mario-like-toast.

As you progress, the movement gets faster and harder to keep up with.  The game has three modes: Super Cheese XL, Fuel Depot, and Skill Course.  The first is the straight game with extras like pizza (that’s harder to get to) and is pure points play.  Fuel Depot is all about keeping your fuel gage up by collecting fuel and staying on platform to do so.  Skill Course ads the challenge of dodging cones and collecting flags as you play.

Overall, the game is a lot of addicting fun, and worth the couple of bucks as a distraction.  Note: keep your phone away from your kids, or you’ll never see it again.

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