Quicklytics – Google Analytics On Your iPhone

If you’re a website owner and you spend a lot of time on the go, then you’ve no doubt hated the Web interface for Google Analytics through your mobile.  The good news is that now.. there’s an app for that.

(There are actually two, I’ll show you another next week)

Quicklytics is an iPhone app that released last year as Cracklytics and changed its name (good move) in October.

The app was made by someone who uses Google Analytics a lot.  You can tell.  You can quickly configure what you want it to show you and then it will default to that every time.  This makes checking your numbers fast and convenient.  Instead of seeing huge blocks of nearly unreadable numbers on your phone’s little screen, you just get the ones you want.

Quicklytics is very well made and easy to use.  You can go through a lot of data about your websites very quickly.  The app is currently in its fifth edition and runs very well on my phone.

The app is very impressive and extremely useful if you’re the number crunching type of webrepreneur.  It’s available in the iPhone App Store.

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