Qu-s Advanced Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

picture-62Admit it. You’ve put a Post-It on your computer monitor or on the case of your laptop before. We all have. Anyone who works in an office environment and has access to sticky notes has pasted them just about everywhere, including on our (or our co-worker’s) computer monitors.

Well, now you can put those sticky notes right on your desktop and with a lot more features than the mundane paper or simple online versions have to offer. That’s what Qu-s is all about (qu-s.eu).

Not only can you post notes to your desktop as reminders and memory-joggers, but you can also organize notes by category/project/information/etc., highlight and modify the notes to make them unique, and even post photos or graphics from the Web on them. Notes can be attached, “subbed” (put underneath), or organized in a myriad of ways.qu-s

Internet URLs, file links, etc. can also be attached to notes and all notes can be printed and managed in several ways. Notes can even be exported for use in other applications and forwarded (emailed) to other Qu-s users.

Qu-s is free to try and is only $16.95 to register for use. Currently, however, it only works on the Mac platform (OS 10.5+).

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