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pt_logo_blogIf you can think of a “must have” feature in Microsoft Project, one that you just can’t do without, then rest assured that Projecturf will have it too. While not as robust or feature-rich as MS Project, Projecturf is just as useful. Most people ignore the advanced features of Project anyway—except for the reporting.

One thing Projecturf definitely shines with is reporting. I was amazed when I saw how much is available in that way. I have a friend whose company uses Projecturf (Business level, more on that later) and she agreed to let me log in under her account and check it out, so long as I didn’t name names or specific information.

So I saw Projecturf not just from a “try it and review it” perspective, but from a real daily use perspective thanks to someone who uses it regularly. She showed me the basics, which are about what you’d expect from decent PM software. I noticed right away that the Projecturf website is pretty dark—something that I don’t like for professional use.

Once you log in, though, that changes. In fact, there is a fair amount of customization available. Beyond that, though, the app itself is complex, but not complicated. It has a lot going on and you can do a lot with it, but if you’ve had any experience with a PM before, it’s not too complicated to learn how to use Projecturf.

Back to the reporting, though, which, as I said, is where this app shines. From dynamic Gantt charts to presentation-ready pies, this app really churns out the informational graphs. Some take longer than others to build, of course, but none took more than a few seconds.

Another great bonus—especially for her business, which is in high-end construction and development—is the unlimited file sharing area. Individual files can be given permissions so that only specific people (or groups) can see them and there’s no limit to the amount of storage area you can use. For her team, this is great, since they deal with a lot of huge architectural renderings.

Overall, for the enterprise or large-sized business, Projecturf is definitely worth the money (and then some). For smaller shops and freelancers, however, it’s probably overkill to the n-th degree. Prices are low, starting at $29.99/month for the Start-Up plan and going up to $159.99/month at the Enterprise level. Each plan includes 30 days of free use to test it out.

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