PrintWhatYouLike Shrinks Your Green Footprint

We’ve all been there. You want to print out a newspaper article about your nonagenarian neighbor’s prize-winning poinsettia, and you accidentally deplete your printer’s color ink and paper supply printing out a six-page Hooter’s ad. And the poinsettia article is cut off at the margins. Rats!

Sure, some sites have a printer-friendly interface. But even they sneak in advertisements at their own discretion and often cut out the sweet photos you wanted to keep.

Aptly named PrintWhatYouLike does just what it says, giving you point-and-click options to tailor and print a page just like you want it. All you have to do is enter the website address and get to work. Delete the background, cut photos and ads, expand or narrow the printable area and even adjust the point size. It’s like “Pimp my Ride” meets Dunder Mifflin.

I tried out customizing a few pages and even my Alma Mater’s website with glowing results. I zapped photos, super-sized captions and deleted wasteful backgrounds. However, when I tried a few, newer sites, I couldn’t get PrintWhatYouLike to recognize the addresses.

But, you know what, PrintWhatYouLike is a green, mean and printing machine that shouldn’t be given nickel-and-dime criticism. It’s also free, with no clear revenue path in sight or alluded to. And that’s something to applaud.

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