Portable Party – an app for all party occasions

Whether you’re the party goer or thrower, you no doubt find yourself wondering what you can actually do at the party.  Sure, there’s usually socializing, maybe a cake or drinking or something, but in the end.. what if it’s getting boring?

To break the ice, or at least keep ourselves entertained, we humans have come up with thousands upon thousands of party games.  From drinkings games like Quarters to more family-friendly games like Sharades and even the classic kid’s game Truth or Dare, we’ve come up with plenty of ideas.

The problem is, a lot of these old games are kind of boring now and most of us realize that nothing makes for a great party more than does a fun new way of partying.  No, not a new drug or new kind of booze – but something really uniqe.

Portable Party is an app that helps you with that new thing.  Or things.  Everything from Mood Lighting tests to a strobe light and even games you might not have tried playing at a party like Inkblots (a non-psych version of Rorchach.. or is it?), this app has everything.

There are even utilities for just-in-case, such as a test for your blood alochol (based on visual acuity), settings for emergency contact information storage to update your address book – just in case.

Plenty of ice breakers and other things are also in there.  In fact, there are two dozen modules for partying in all.

Best of all, the app can be used just about anywhere.  Sitting in the pizza joint with a couple of friends and need some entertainment besides the replay of last week’s game?  Maybe you’re sitting at home with the kids and aren’t interested in watching 30 Rock reruns.  Portable Party can probably help.

Pretty cool app and only two bucks.

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