Point-of-Sale Advertising Offers High Tech Digital Ads

The days of being asked “Do you want fries with that?” will soon are replaced with digital displays at the counters of McDonald’s that will up sell us products according to our purchase. If you walk in and buy only a sandwich, the display will show you what else is available, such as fries or maybe an apple pie.

Israel is far advanced in the Point-of-Sale high tech market. At the Israel-based Aroma Espresso Bar the digital displays are already in place. You can walk up and order a cup of coffee and expect to see a Danish appear on the screen to tempt you for purchase. We are used to having the person behind the counter asking us if we would like anything else, but now we will have it offered to us and probably not even realize it is a sales tactic.

The digital displays are designed to be customized for the business that uses them. If they want to personalize the up sell to each particular order, or even if they want to push a product, the digital display system is easily customized. Aroma Espresso has stated they have had an increase of 68% in sales of deserts and beverages that are his has displayed on the screen.

This technology has been around a few years, but the way it is now being used is the point of interest. This has helped retailers to market their products in easy and free image enticing ads that can be tailor made to each customer.

What Are We In For Next?

It may get even more personal as we shop for a gallon of milk or loaf of wheat bread. Retailers have started experiencing with even more advanced technology. You can expect that some stores will already have installed tiny cameras at the check out counter, the cameras will scan our faces and determine our sex, race, and even our approximate age, relax ladies…it will not tell you and you will never know it is there.
This technology has been used in retail chains in Israel, but not in the US, as we know of yet. It will become more popular as a research tool for marketers to determine our buying habits and use the information to display appropriate images on the display screen. We have always been impulse buyers, now retailers just have a new way to exploit it.

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