Plunderland iPhone Game – Fun on the High Seas

Plunderland is a game of high seas piracy in the days of ship and sail, booty and treachery.  In the game, English pirate Edward Lowe is an unpredictable rogue who might seize a ship’s cargo, but let her crew go one day and make them all walk the plank on another.  The game’s unpredictability and fun, interactive play (thanks to the controls) are what make it addicting.

The pillaging work of high seas piracy is condensed into tilts and taps on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  When you tilt one way or another, it moves your ship and a tap and slide will launch cannonballs on a trajectory marked by your finger.  Your targets (or hunters, as the case may be) are everyone from English frigates bent on your capture to islanders and natives striving to keep you off their shores.  The occasional visit from a deep leviathan mixes things up just in case the theft and warfare aren’t quite enough.

The ultimate goal of the game is to amass treasure in quantities as vast as possible.  You can accomplish this through mercy to your enemies, seizing what is theirs, but letting them go, or by being ruthless towards your objectives.  You can shake down islanders, dig for buried treasure, and go after cargo ships and rich merchant vessels with abandon.

The game is a lot of fun, more challenging than it appears, and full of fun hi jinks that may or may not be intended.  Grabbing the wrong sailor who’s gone overboard, for instance, can rescue an enemy while firing your cannon too wildly can result in hitting an unintended target.  Overall it’s a great little game that’s very addictive.

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