Pinball HD for iPad

If you have an iPhone, you probably have at least tried Wild West Pinball, The Deep, or Jungle Style Pinball.  This is the iPad version of those, all rolled into one app.  Pinball HD includes all three games with a lot of enhancements for the larger screen and better touch controls of the iPad.

Each of the three games is different from the others in its goals, point earning, and so forth.  Making for three games in one.  The games also store local and online high scores so you can compete with yourself or the world (or both).  Taking advantage of the iPad’s internal gyro, the games also change what’s on the screen according to how you’re holding your iPad.  So turning it to portrait zooms in on the ball while holding it normally gives a full-board view.

The graphics are stunningly awesome and really make the games shine.  They are responsive, fast, and full of detail.  The ball moves smoothly and the physics engine is very well done.  The controls are basic: each edge of the screen controls that side’s flipper.  That’s it.  Even better, though, for the busy player, the game can be paused at any time and resumed later.

The only downer to this game is that the sounds are pretty hokey – what sounds there are, anyway.  Much of it is silent running and there is no background music at all.  This can be made up for by playing MP3s in the background while playing.  The voices in The Deep are pretty annoying and worth muting.

Overall, though, the games are very fun to play and worth getting.  An awesome distraction from boredom and you can play silently in conferences and meetings too.

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