Pimp Your Assignment Pad With Soshiku

As a slave to Outlook, I often think about going back to the pad and pencil age. The Microsoft’s organizational and communicative tool is more sterile than a urologist’s waiting room – and even less fun.

So when I saw the cool new homework tool called Soshiku, developed by 17-year-old Andrew Schaper, I immediately wished there was a version for grown-ups. Imagine the functionality of Outlook, only designed for the Wii generation with a fun and fancy-free interface.

Soshiku is a tricked-out online assignment pad that makes organization easy for any student. You can add and track assignments and courses with point-and-click ease. You can send yourself email and text alerts to make sure you don’t day dream right past a term paper deadline. And you can collaborate on group projects by sharing documents and messages.

Designed for college and high school students, the free service accepts donations, although it’s unlikely starving students have more than a nickel to drop in the virtual jar. Soshiku is widely getting raves by users and reviewers, and it will be interesting to see if the feel-good story fuels a more commercial competitor any time soon. Whatever that site is, it will certainly have its homework cut out for it.

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