Pearl – SaaS Business Software for Small and Medium Enterprise

pearlAt some point, most small businesses hit a juncture where management of the business’ accounting and customer contact lists goes beyond QuickBooks and BCC lists.  Traditionally, at this point, the business would hire someone to do their bookkeeping for them and sign on to a service or use expensive software to begin integrating client lists with sales data and perhaps an online shopping cart.

In all cases, this is a costly proposition.  Until now.

Pearl ( has come out of beta with a new pricing plan and a lot to offer.  Very small businesses and new startups will likely find the free plan adequate for their immediate needs while larger enterprises will find the affordable tiered plans just right for their requirements.

Aimed squarely at the UK market, whose tech and business sectors are growing rapidly, Pearl includes CRM, sales/invoicing, accounting, products and e-commerce solutions, and everything else you’d expect from good business software.  Charts, graphs, up-to-the-minute information, and more are all there.  Multiple users can have access to some or all data as well, allowing flexibility in data management and control.

The website for Pearl itself is very slick and the data handling and charting is extremely intuitive.  Most everything can be downloaded as raw data (usually .csv) and most output can be saved in HTML or PDF formats as well.  The support knowledge base on the site is thick with information and, of course, most plans include telephone and email support as well.

Priced plans start at £15, which includes unlimited users, up to 500 contacts (client email/address/etc. data), and all features except for the more advanced options (multi-currency, corporate stock control, etc.).  E-commerce and service plans are separate, according to need and total usage.  Prices there are reasonable and competitive as well.

Most current data tracking software for accounting and such can be easily migrated to Pearl.

Small and medium sized businesses will likely find Pearl to be a good option for all-in-one management.  Although it’s aimed primarily at the European market, there are North American options coming soon.

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