PayItLink Making PayPal Payment Links Quickly

payitlinklogoI have to confess that I use PayPal a lot. Most of my incoming payments for freelance work are via PayPal. So that means that I’m very familiar with the PayPal payments request process. There’s a huge drawback to billing directly through PayPal, though: time.

The time you use is short, but it ads up if you do maybe six or seven requests a week. Unless you pile them up and do them all at once, each requires you to log into PayPal, fill out the form, and send. The wait for login is what kills this. I can sit for twenty seconds or more before I actually see my account load onto the screen.

PayItLink seeks to eliminate that by making PayPal requests easier. You don’t have to share your PayPal account info with them either, just an email for the payment to be sent to. Here’s how it works:

First, you go to and fill out the three-line form. Your PayPal email, the product or service description, a price, and (if needed) the currency type. Then you click the “Create a Pay It Link” button and it generates a small link that looks like:

payitlink1You can then embed that link into an email, a web page, or whatever and when your client follows it, they will be presented with a page that briefly describes the payment (what you entered) and then forwards them to a PayPal payment screen. From then on, PayPal handles the rest.

Very simple, straight-forward, and easy to use. Of course, some will have a problem with going through a third party system. It’s not a security risk, however, since PayItLink doesn’t receive enough information about you or your client to do anything with it.

The service is free to use and try and doesn’t even require a login or password.

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