Pakt Collaborative Learning

This site, on first glance, looks like with a light twist. On closer inspection, though, you see it’s a little more in-depth than that and can become very addicting. Want to know how to build a solar panel from scratch? There’s a tutorial here, written by another visitor to the site.

That’s the gist behind Pakt: collaborative learning, where you know something you might want to share and I probably do to. The site is well-built and off to a good start with thousands of tutorials on various subjects, most of which are basic DIY projects of one type or another. The writers of the how-tos on the site even get a piece of the ad revenue their tutorials generate.

This site is a great idea and though the idea isn’t new, this is a better rendition of it than I’ve seen elsewhere. was a good idea in its day, but it’s become cumbersome and once a particular “expert” gets entrenched in an area of that site, they become a sort of virtual blockade of exclusivity, shutting down anyone who’d like to come in to compete. Not so with Pakt, which is completely user-run. If users do or don’t like a tutorial or commentary on it, you can vote on it (giving it up to five stars).

This simple concept has been used in many areas and usually with great success, once people start finding the site using it. I expect Pakt to become popular as time passes and more and more users begin adding tutorials. Learn to make your own yogurt, build a candle out of an orange, or get dewy soft skin from other people who share their expertise.

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