Packwhiz – Does Everything But Actually Put It In the Suitcase

packwhiz_logoIf you’re one of those people who chronically forgets stuff when you pack for a trip, this site is probably for you. If you’re like me and your problems center around your procrastination and the last-minute frenzy to get it all in the bag, this site might still be helpful.

Basically, Packwhiz is a site that builds packing lists for you based on common items needed and by narrowing things down with a few simple intuits. What you’ll find is that it’s a big step above just grabbing a notepad and writing a list. First, it will come up with stuff you probably won’t think of and second, it won’t give you hand cramps from writing.

I mean, come on, writing out lists? That’s so ’90s.

With Packwhiz, you sign in using your Google pass (or by creating a simple account). Then you choose your travel type (domestic or international) and how you’ll be accommodated once there (camping or hotel). Then you pick your transport type (car, boat, plane, etc.) the weather you’re expecting (hot/cold), some activities you might be doing, and if you’re male or female (or both for groups). These are all chosen by check box, so it takes just a second or two here.

A generic list based on those criterion is created. From there, you can check off, ad, or remove items as you prefer. So if you’re the type that takes a lot of gadgets and doesn’t bother with “hair styling tools,” you can customize the list. If you’re totally Metro and have a whole bag just for your gels and creams, then you can go with that as well.


In a few minutes, you’ll have a pretty complete list of stuff to pack. Adding some items like laptops or extra clothing will put it into the grouped list it belongs to (clothing, gadgets, etc.). Any item can be clicked on to ad notes, change the name to make it more specific, or change its category manually. So if you have multiple notebooks, you can change the “laptop” listing to be “HP Notebook” with the note “Don’t take the Macbook this time, the hotel’s WiFi hated it.”

For the person who travels occasionally, but isn’t quite to the point of having a permanent travel pack ready-to-go because you’re gone more than home, this site is great. Even if you’re an experienced packer or tend to take the same things every time, you’ll probably find Packwhiz useful. You can save lists for later use, print them, have them emailed to you, etc.

Definitely a great site for the upcoming conference and vacation season!

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