Outright – Simple Online Bookkeeping for Small Biz

Every business needs to keep track of finances, but not every business needs $40-$4,000 software to do it.  Outright is a simple, free bookkeeping tool that operates on a Freemium model, though so far no premium additions have been added.  For most small businesses and their bookkeepers, though, everything Outright has now is all that you’ll really need.

Note that I included bookkeepers in that.  Outright is not just an online tool for accounting, it’s also a collaborative tool so you, your business partner, your bookkeeper, accountant, etc. can all be given access to the current, real-time, live data on Outright.

This makes it pretty powerful.  The accounting tools and uses are very simple and are the electronic version of a $10 ledger book from the office supply store.  All of the standard deductions that the IRS defines are there and the app learns over time to adapt to your use, so you’ll have custom fields and monthly outlays automatically presented.

Outright also does 1099 e-filing, estimated tax forms, and Schedule Cs.  For the self-employed or small business, this is the perfect tool for the freelancer or small shop that doesn’t need the full functionality of a paid tool like Quickbooks.  Outright is also especially well suited to those who need to collaborate, such as business partners separated by geography or virtual bookkeepers hired to track the income and outlay.

Excellent advice from accountants and business experts is also presented, potentially saving users money when it comes time to file taxes or juggle expenses.

This is a great tool and well worth trying, even for your home finances.  It’s free, so you have little to lose.

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