ORB – Manage Rooms and Bookings Easily

There are plenty of places to go if you’re looking for a venue or a meeting room.  Whether you’re traveling or just looking for something for a business meeting that’s too large for your own office, there are plenty of websites ready to help you find your spot.  Even sites like Hotels.com have this kind of option.  But what if you have a set of meeting rooms that you’d like to easily track bookings for?

ORBapp.com might be your solution.  This unusual niche app offers online tracking and booking for meeting rooms from the room manager’s perspective.  Whether you manage a hotel with several meeting rooms, an office with several teams all vying for meeting space, or anything similar, this site can probably help.

Currently in open beta, ORB is free to use until it releases publicly sometime next year.  The app so far is fairly robust with a lot to offer.  It’s simple to use, fast, and does what it does very well.  The only question I would pose is why this would be worth paying for later, really.  Frankly, it’s just too simple to really be worth spending much money on.  I suppose if you’re managing a dozen rooms with multiple meetings and groups, this could be useful.

Using the app is in no way complicated.  After you sign in, you’re presented with a tabled list of the day’s current bookings.  This can be expanded into a calendar which shows a longer view by weeks or months.

Setting up a new room is easy as well, you just fill out a few info boxes in a form with basic information such as its location, seating capacity, and a name and description.  Booking rooms is done similarly with a simple form field wherein you choose the room to be booked, enter timing information (date, times), give the meeting/booking a title, and ad any notes relevant to it.

That is basically the entire app.  Simple enough.

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