Onbile – Make The Most Of Getting A Mobile Website For Free

OnbileIf you run a website you may be aware that it isn’t always easy to view the same site on a mobile phone.  This is where the new facility Onbile steps in – it offers you a free service that enables you to make your website available to everyone with a mobile phone that has internet access.

According to the website there are just three simple stages to making this happen.  These are laid out on the home page so you can immediately see how beneficial this could be for your site.  And since it is free you could apply it to more than one site as well if you wish.

The site is positioned as offering mobile website templates free of charge, and there does seem to be some variety in how you can make your mobile site look.  For instance there are a variety of templates which you can choose from, and you can also customise them according to the colour themes you already have in place.  In this sense the mobile site is very user friendly, both for you and for your visitors who find your site via their mobiles.

This is not the best known new site out there today, but with such a good offer available there is no doubt that Onbile should become better known over time.  There doesn’t seem to be any other offer out there which is offering anything similar, and that is a good selling point – especially when it is available for free.

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