OfferWire Comparison Shopping and Savings

offerwirelogo_home_betaOfferwire just launched in June 4 after a $3.5 million funding round by Safeguard Scientifics and Constellation Ventures.  The site, made by Bridgevine, Inc., is a clearinghouse for finding great prices on services and products.  The deals you find on OfferWire aren’t found anywhere else.

The site’s idea is to give exclusive deals on the things you look for the most.  Several major brands are on board, including Comcast, Qwest, LifeLock, Real Networks and others.  The deals are almost always for a limited time, exclusively on OfferWire, and usually include cash back incentives and rebates that aren’t found elsewhere.

The idea isn’t necessarily new, of course, but it’s pretty innovative in this case purely because of the major brands involved.  Most of the offers seem to center around cell phone (PCS), high-speed Internet, cable or satellite TV, and similar categories.

Vinny Olmstead, the CEO of Bridgevine, says “We’ve made purchasing complicated services simple and rewarding.”  The idea behind OfferWire is to offer great, exclusive deals and to make the complicated services we buy easier to understand.  Many of the offers can be bundled for even more savings.

Bridgevine was founded in 2003 and is co-located in Atlanta, Georgia and Vero Beach (which I just came back from this weekend), Florida.  You might recognize the name from their ecommerce platform.

The latest round of funding is for the launch and initial maintenance of OfferWire, which will monetize itself through affiliate incentives and kickbacks from sales made through the site.

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