Obama Seems To Understand The iPhone

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has once again proved he understands the internet lightyears beyond his rival.  Today Obamas campain launched an iPhone app, available for free download on iTunes.

The new iPhone app is called Obama for America, and is designed in hopes to gain new supporters, and gain some donation money.  The app has several features as can be seen in the screenshot, but the one I enjoyed using the most is called “Get Involved.”   This feature enables a user to seek out their local Obama campain headquaraters.  This is an excellent way to recruit new members to the campaign.

Obama for America does not connect to the my.barackobama.com social network.  Other noteworthy features of this new app are the listing of Obama events, and a sign up to receive email or SMS alerts.

As someone whose daily life is encompassed in tech, it goes a long way with me that the Obama campaign took the time to make this app, and reach out to our community.  This app shows that Obama “gets it” when it comes to the way our younger generation works.

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