Share Instant Gratification For Info-Junkies

If you have a list of sites, networks, or whatever that you are constantly visiting all day, whether it’s at your desk or thumbing through on your phone, you’ve doubtless tried at least one of those services that “feed” the latest updates from those sites to your email or SMS text.

Well, here’s another one. But with a little twist that I’m sure many might find useful. The twist is this site’s connectivity. You can literally plug almost anything on the ‘Net into the site and add it to your info stream. On top of that, you can send the updates in a variety of ways to your pipeline: cell phone, email, you name it. If it’s connected to the Internet or has a phone number, can update it.

So if you’re into maxing your rep points on StackOverflow or have a professional network at LinkedIn, even if you love to use craigslist and don’t want to check every minute, you can use to plug in for text messages, emails, or AIM updates on your iPhone. Or all of the above.

For the true info-junkie, it’s almost a dream come true. Sorry, they can’t download directly to your thoughts with telepathy. Yet.

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